Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Amy Corbett
Carpet Sales/Installation-Bliss by Beaulieu Nylon Frieze Highland Classic 50 ounce Nylon Filament
Services Performed: 
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: 
March 31, 2014
Last Modified Date: 
May 20, 2014
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Approximate Cost: 
Description Of Work: 
Installed over 1800 sq ft of carpet.
Member Comments: 
I was very impressed with the whole process.  We have purchased carpet form a big box store in the past and NEVER got the service or pricing we received from Home Based Carpet.   From the initial meeting,  the selection available, the sale to the installation everyone we encountered could have not been more professional or friendly.  I had already meet and knew exactly who was going to be in my house everyday for the whole week before they showed up to install. The installers were top notch - I enjoyed spending 5 whole days with them, they told me the night before which rooms they would be working in the following day, so I could plan accordingly.  Help support the Small Business Owner, you won't be disappointed!
Seller Comment....This new Beaulieu carpet comes with a outstanding warranty  20 YEAR LIMITED DURABILITY WARRANTY

Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Top Stories  Home Based Carpet & Flooring.....NEW UPDATE  We recently finished a complete home carpet and flooring makeover in Mason, Ohio. We installed Earthwerks 4" x 36" long luxury vinyl plank flooring using pressure sensitive adhesive. The plank was installed in the entry, 2 baths, dining room and kitchen. The whole house carpet was a Mohawk stykle and the installation took 4 days with tear out, take up and all new 3/4" quarter round moulding. Below are the customer comments. Gary Hubbard Mason, OH 45040 Category: Carpet Sales/Installation Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring/Installation Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: November 04, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $8,800.00 Home Build Year: 1971 Description Of Work: The provider installed vinyl plank flooring in our kitchen, both bathrooms, our entranceway, and dining room. The remainder of the whole house was completely carpeted. Member Comments: The provider (Brandon & Scott) did an excellent job in installing all of our flooring. Their work was very high quality and they cleaned up everyday after theirselves. They also prepared all of our scrap so that I could just place everything out for the weekly garbage pickup. This provider comes to your house and shows you samples, and they are all very personable and family owned. If you want a reasonable price with the highest quality installation, I highly recommend Home Based Carpet!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring...Popular In Cincinnati, Ohio

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Top StoriesHome Based Carpet and Flooring,m LLC      NEWS   One of the fastest and hottest flooring products to come out in a long time is (LVT) luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring. The newest flooring resource comes mainly from recycled products and closely resembles wood flooring, hand crafted ceramic tile and slate and marble flooring. There are lots of manufactures who are marketing the new flooring, many are being made in China and shipped to the United States. One of the problems with manufacturing out of the country is the delivery of products. If a distributor runs out of stock of a certain item then they will have to wait for the ship to get here across the water. Most of the products from China ship in containers by ship. Wait times can be up to 2 months. I believe it is important to purchase luxury vinyl tile from dealers who have strong ties to the manufactures who are overseeing the research and design and manufacturing quality of such products. Standards in China are a bit different than in the United States and some companies do have their own overseers in foreign countries where these products are being manufactured. Beaulieu Industries recently came out with Bliss Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile Flooring under their Bliss Flooring name and they have their own people in China overseeing product development. Some manufactures are opening their own LVT (luxury vinyl tile) plants here in the US. Armstrong Flooring is building a new LVT plant in Lancaster, Pa. and it should be up and running sometime second quarter of 2015. Shaw Industries is taking their area rug plant in Ringgold, Georgia and converting it over to LVT.
Cost is around 100 million dollars.
We are selling LVT where hardwood flooring won't work. Basements with concrete floors and they are not totally level. The LVT will form with the level of the concrete to a great extent. A leveling compound would have to be installed to level the cement for wood flooring to be installed then engineered wood would have to be installed. Use of the engineered wood is necessary because it has the stability to go on or below grade.
We recently installed a new Earthwerks Wood Antique Plank floor in the Mason, Ohio area. The new product was installed in the kitchen (we coated the floor with embossing leveler) and put the new plank right over the vinyl. There was wall to wall carpet in the attached dining room. We tore out the carpet, built the floor up with 3/8" plywood to meet the same level as the kitchen and continued the plank flooring into the dining room. The customer liked the product so well that we installed it in 2 bathrooms and the main entry. LVT is really easy to take care of. Vacuum to get any grit and dust off the floor and use a neutral cleaning agent with water and a sponge mop. Using the correct PH cleanser will help keep cleaning streaks off the flooring. Also you can make your own floor cleaner. Mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1/4 cup of a pH-neutral liquid dish detergent in a bucket. Swish a mop in the solution to agitate the ingredients until suds form. Dish detergent is one of the most common pH-neutral cleaners, and works perfectly for floors. LVT sales at Home Based Carpet and Flooring in Cincinnati, Ohio have been going gangbusters for the last couple of years. Installation time, subfloor conditions and cost make LVT very practical. Wide widths are even available in LVT, not to mention the beautiful tile looks that are available. Make sure you have your new flooring installed by a CFI (Certified Flooring Installer).

I have listed below some links to manufactures who sell LVT flooring. You can go to their site and view their
products and see room scenes.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Earthwerks Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring and Bliss by Beaulieu Carpet Makeover

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Top Stories Home Based Carpet and Flooring        NEWS UPDATE    Home Based Carpet & Flooring (a shop at home flooring solution) just finished installing almost 800 square feet of 4" x 36" x 1/8" thick luxury vinyl plank flooring in Lebanon, Ohio. We also installed nearly 275 square yards of Bliss by Beaulieu Legendary Beauty plush carpet. The plank flooring was installed in kitchen, long hall way to pantry, laundry room and dining room. A Portland based floor leveling compound was used to secure the sub floor and 4x8x1/4 birch plywood was used to build up the hall to meet the kitchen and dining room. The carpet was installed in 5 bedrooms on the second floor and 4 rooms on the first. The customer was a Angies List customer and was kind enough to send in a great report on us. I have enclosed the report below. visit us at httyp://www.cincinnatifloorings.com Member: Robert Bartizek LEBANON, OH 45036 Categories: Carpet Sales/Installation Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Sales/Installation Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: September 23, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $18,000.00 Home Build Year: 1993 Description Of Work: We have a large kitchen/breakfast nook area and a laundry room/family closet area that had vinyl flooring. The kitchen and laundry room/closet are connected by a long hallway which was carpeted. We replaced all of the flooring in these areas with a simulated wood product called vinyl plank. The rest of the house was re-carpeted. Member Comments: The entire experience was fantastic. After a phone conversation where we described basically what we wanted, Greg and Judy came to our home with several samples of carpet and flooring. Judy took detailed room measurements during this visit so that they could provide a pricing estimate (very reasonable). We narrowed the choices down to 2 flooring products from different companies and a carpet color that looked good. Since the samples are all fairly small, I asked Greg to get us a box of each flooring choice and a larger sample of carpet. When the flooring boxes came in, Greg and Brandon visited to talk about how each would be installed (installation differed for the two products) and helped lay the samples out so we could see how they would look. We waited several days to make the final choice. Meanwhile, Judy decided to get us doormat-sized samples of the carpet color we chose as well as one shade on either side of our choice. We were glad that she did that because we wound up choosing one of those alternate shades instead. The new hard floors came in around $7000 and carpet for 4 bedrooms, upstairs hall, stairs, living room, family room and study came in around $11000. Installation of the hard floors was done first. Removing the hallway carpet, adding a 1/4" plywood covering over the old subfloor, adding leveling compound to the old vinyl floor areas and installing the new flooring took 5 days. After giving us a few days to prepare for carpet work, they began that job. We needed to empty furniture drawers and bookshelves and also unplug and move electronic things like computers and TV's. They handled moving of all furniture. They did 2 bedrooms, the upstairs hallway and our family room on Day 1, the other 2 bedrooms and the study on Day 2 and the living room and dining room on Day 3. They cleaned up every day before they left. We received quality products at a fair price and installation by guys that really knew what they were doing. Brandon did a large part of the installation work and was here every day. I would recommend Home-Based Carpet to anyone. Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Top Stories Hot New Product...Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile in Cincinnati,Ohio I was looking back at our sales of wood flooring for the calender year 2013. Our real wood sales are a little down from 2012 but, what we are off in wood sales we have certainly made up for with luxury vinyl planks and tiles. We carry Earthwerks planks and tile, Nafco planks and tile and LogiTech planks that clic together. All three lines are so real looking it is easy to be fooled. The advantages are tremendous and you should really make yourself aware of the beauty and ease of maintenance of the vinyl products. Every EarthWerks tile and plank has been designed to give you the feel of its natural counterpart. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then hardwood flooring, metal and natural stone tiles have never been more complimented. Innsbruck is a very popular vinyl plank from Earthwerks. It comes 3" wide and the planks are 3' long. The gauge of the material is .080 and the wear layer is 8 mil. It carries a 10 year residential and 5 year commercial warranty.The products carries a minimum 50% recycled content label. There are 3 colors in the plank that will add a real wood look to your decor. One of the advantages of the vinyl planks is you don't need to increase the height of your floor by a using 3/4" solid product. It can also be installed on grade or below grade and is installed using Earthwerks adhesive. This flooring is truly inspired by nature.
We installed a beautiful job of Earthwerks vinyl plank in Amelia, Ohio. A couple in their late 70's had sheet vinyl for 12 years in their condo. We installed the new plank in the kitchen, pantry and dining room. The Mrs. is confined to a motorized wheel chair and the floor is holding up real well with the heavy use of the chair. Spots and spills clean up with a breeze. The products can also be installed by the homeowner provided the proper subfloor is installed. Maintenance for Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Basic Cleaning Once all traces of adhesive have been removed, the floor should be dry vacuumed to remove all dust and loose debris, then wiped with a neutral cleanser, using a damp mop, diluted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. After 5-10 minutes, all dirt and residue of the cleaning agent should be removed; the floor should be rinsed with a damp mop and allowed to dry. Unwelded tile floors, the water can attack the adhesive, break the bond, and cause the flooring to release from the substrate. There is 19 wood plank designs ranging from a smooth 3" wide plank to a rustic hand scrapped plank. There are 9 tile designs in sizes from 12 x 12", 12 x 24" and 18 x 18". Please visit the following link to view all the beautiful Earthwerks products. http://www.earthwerks.com. Call us today at Home Based Carpet & Flooring for your personal viewing of a beautiful luxury vinyl tile and plank that will last for years. 513-373-8540.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Carpet, Wood, Tile and Bamboo All On One Job

 Home Based Carpet & Flooring....NEWS UPDATE

Flooring Makeover in Cincinnati, Ohio ( Indian Hill)
July 4th, 2012 | Author: Greg

Recently we had the opportunity to recommend new flooring for a customer in Indian Hill, a affulent area of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. The homeowner is a professional person with a large Cincinnati based corporation and who travels all over the world. She wanted to update the laundry room , master bedroom, office and hall downstairs. She also wanted a new runner installed on the steps to the upstairs and to the downstairs. She discovered us on the internet and we arranged a appointment to bring suggestions of various flooring products to her home.

Upon arriving at her home we took a tour of the job and asked questions like ….how long will you be living here ?…how many people in the home ?….any pets ? She wanted to have new hardwood installed in the office and hall downstairs (was carpeting installed over cement. The laundry room was pretty large and had 12 x 12 tile that was probably 20-25 years old. Tiles were missing and some stained and cracked. Upstairs in the master bedroom there was wall to wall carpet and the same on the steps leading to the main and lower level. She also had bamboo already installed in the living room and wanted to continue it into the bedroom entrance in place of the existing carpet.

The job was a pretty tall order with four different surfaces coming together at various doorways and so Judy, Brandon and I went to work offering various flooring products. Special note….she told us that she might be living there another 3-5 years, so she wanted the job to look good for her time there but also wanted products that would look good when she sold the home and didn’t break the bank.

We started with the office and hall downstairs. She choose a Somerset Hardwood Value Collection that was engineered in a 3 1/4 ” gunstock color. We used the engineered product so we could gluse down the planks right to the cement. We used Bosticks Best wood flooring glue. It matched the wood steps that were already stained the same color. The new wood met ceramic tile at the bathroom, carpet and 3 two doors ways. Those same steps were the steps that we installed a beautiful Pheonix Carpet Mills patterned cut loop design in a filament polyester yarn. The color was stardust. The runner was 33″ wide and we turned and tacked it on the edges. Brandon (our son) a Certified Flooring Installer oversaw the complete job and installed the carpet and tile for the laundry room. I recommended new Azrock color # 914. The tile is a VCT (vinyl composition tile) for the laundry room in a crisp clean off white w/flecks of gray. We prepared the old floor, filled in missing tile and used Ardex floor leveling compound to level the existing floor. Then with Azrock clear thin spread adhesive we installed the tile in the laundry room and down the back hall to the garage. We tied that into the wood with a Somerset wood reducer.

Upstairs in the master bedroom we installed approx. 65 sf of Teragan vertical bamboo. It is truly amazing how the new bamboo tied into the existing bamboo ( approx. ) 8-10 years old and looked just great. The color was carmelized carmel. In the master bedroom we installed Beaulieu style Snazzy in a color called Beechhouse. . Snazzy is a plush frieze with hints of 2-3 other colors twisted into the beige background. The master closet was off the bamboo so we finished the carpet meeting the bamboo by running a header board at the closet and at the bedroom entrance the turned and tacket the carpet to both sides of the bamboo.

We took 2 1/2 days to get the job done and it just looked GREAT. The total cost was less than $ 6500 and the customer is very pleased with the products we used and is very happy with the certified installation. I have attached some pictures of the job.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toot Our Own Horn

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I Would Like To Toot Our Own Horn !

Its not often you get a GREAT REPORT. Just received this report from a Angie's List member.

Report Date: May 22, 2012
Dan Katt
7870 Woodstone Dr.
Carpet Sales/Installation/Repair
Services Performed:
* More Weight is given to a report where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date:
April 02, 2012
Hire Again:
Approximate Cost:
Home Build Year:
Description Of Work: GRADE A
Removed and replaced carpet in all rooms of the house except a first floor family room. This included a living room, dining room on the first floor and stairs to the second floor. This included the second floor hallway, four bedrooms, and four closets, including one walk-in closet.
Member Comments:
Greg and his wife came to our house with various samples. Brandon was also there to answer questions about the installing process. We selected a carpet brand and color and paid a deposit. Then a rare and unusual thing happened. My wife changed her mind#@*#!!!. We contacted Greg regarding our request for an upgraded quality carpet. Greg was most gracious to this request. He applied all the deposit toward the upgrade and switched our order. This was a seamless transition for us (much to my surprise). We found this to be a rare and beautiful example of superlative customer service and exceeding expectations on the part of Home Based Carpet and Flooring.
We discovered that Brandon is an expert in the carpet and flooring install business and a sought after craftsman. He proved that during our two day install process. Brandon guided us in the furniture and dresser shuffling during the install. Day one involved the downstairs two rooms and two second floor bedrooms. Day two was the hallway, stairs, and other two bedrooms. This allowed us to shuffle furniture to other bedrooms without needing to use the stairs. Brandon and his team were able to rotate and move around the major furniture pieces within the rooms during the carpet install.
Brandon's talent showed in the seamless transition from room to hallway, to closet. I not longer have to fear stepping in the doorway the wrong way and hitting nail tacking (as before). There are no loose threads or seams. We have received rave reviews and compliments on the carpet selection and install from family, friends, and neighbors. We are most appreciative of the price, professionalism, and customer service from Home Based Carpet and Flooring. We would recommend them to others and use them again in the future.